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SSA KALOKOH’S EYES: my name is Issa Kalokoh, I was born on the 6th of April 2001 in a village called Masbong Thoron Bombali district northern province Sierra Leone West Africa. I live with my family and siblings, I came from an extended family, the occupation of my parents had been subsistence farming.

Moreover, I started my education at M C A primary school in the same village and completed my primary in 2014. However, I continued my Junior high school in 2015 and completed my B E C E in 2017 at the furlong EducAid junior school of excellence. Due to my outstanding academic performance, commitment and hard work in school I was liberty to do my senior in the same school. After a challenging battle of academic pursuit, I chose the sciences where I am currently working very hard to meet my long dream goal. With this, I am currently preparing for my WAEC which I hope I will come out successfully. After my WASSCE, I would like to further my higher education on innovative technology.

However, after viewing my community and country, I would like to contribute to nation building to mitigate the precarious effect of my country and Africa. I want to use my degree to establish a sustainable research institution and a center for technology and innovation. My country is exposed to multiple cyber and networking dangers. My degree will contribute to providing a functioning technological solution in collaboration with government institutions and other organizations such as google, to improve the science and technology system and its sustainability. I wanted to contribute to nation-building and make my country independent by increasing access to a quality technology and innovative approach to boost the economy.

Issa Kalolokoh has a good eye for his country, Africa, and the world to put an end on the deplorable technology and innovation of his country. Would you like to empower him to achieve his dreams?

ABDULRAHMAN’S EYES: I am Abdulrahman Sesay born on the 7th December 2001 at kabatha village Port Loko district. I started my education at the R C primary school in 2013. I continued my junior secondary at EducAid where I completed my junior high school in 2018. My parent has been farming and petty trading. My family lived in one apartment with my siblings. Upon completing my senior high school, I would like to be a scholar of Islamic jurisprudent. I choose to be a scholar because I want to fulfil the commandment of Allah in his holly book. I have been inspired by many Islamic cleric whom have demonstrated an outstanding performance in the propagation of Islam across the world. Abdulrahman has a good eye for Islam would you like to pure your resources to reach his goal in the expansion of Islam across the world?

FATMATA’S EYES. My name is Fatmata Kamara, I was born on the 11 November 2004 in a village called Mafaray in port Loko district northwest of Sierra Leone. I came from an extend family I have four brothers and two sisters. My parents had been farmers and their source of living had been challenging which has led me to delay my pursuit of my academic excellence but later joined in 2011. However, I pursued my education at SLMB and wrote my NPSE in 2017. However, I pursued my junior high school in EducAid and wrote my BECE in 2019. My outstanding performance in my junior high school had encouraged me to pursue science in my senior high school. I am doing well in my senior high school to achieve my long dream goal of becoming a medical doctor. The dream of becoming a medical doctor came as a result after viewing my community’s deplorable healthcare system and the country at large. I was intrigued by our long serving medical doctor in our community who had sacrificed a lot to pay charity to the less privileged. I learned that goodness is contagious. I want to become a medical doctor who can help women. I would like to specialize on genecology to cure disease related to women and decrease Maternal death. Fatmata have a good eye for her community and the nation, would you like to help her succeed in her dreams?

Bassie’s Eye: My name is Bassie Koroma I was born in a village called pate bana Marank. I grew up in a very poor and broken family where both parents are divorced. Mother left thinking that there was no hope left with her, since then I have been living with my father and my stepmother. Really it was not easy for me, my father could no longer focus on one child after he had six of us, and the money he earns in his own little way was not enough to keep body and soul together. Even though he was a ceremonial chief. As a result of this, I decided to put myself in a continent of struggling where I will have access to continue my schooling. There is one thing I have learnt about ”fate” it has being design, but we were conceiving. It grabs whom it one and comes whenever it wants. But by the grace of God, I believe that with the help of the Young Africans Alliance Academy, this country will be transformed into a better land for tomorrow. My great dream of becoming an expert in Agriculture shall one day come to past with the help of the Young Africans Alliance Academy . I want to grow up into a peaceful, intelligent, obedient, and hardworking young man, who is ready to invest so much into the country’s development. When I grow up these are some of the things I wanted to do for this peaceful loving and independent state; building a mosque, to equally fight against Gender Base Violence, and to help children in the street.

Bassie has a good eye for agricultural development in Sierra Leone, Africa and the World would you help him reach his goals?

SANTIGIE KAMARA’S EYES: My name is Santigie Kamara, I was born on the 16th July 2004. I live with my siblings in Makeni city northern Sierra Leone. My parents were long serving petty traders and our source of living had been challenging which has resulted me to be the only opportune person who is currently pursing senior high school. I attended my primary school in Child in need in 2009, I completed my NPSE in 2015. However, I pursued my junior high school at the furlong EducAid junior school of excellence in 2016, from then, I completed my BECE in 2018. From all the composition, commitment and hard work in school I was liberty to continued my senior in the same school. Presently I am in the sciences where I am doing well to meet my target set of becoming a biomedical scientist, I was inspired by my tutor master’s inspirations motivations and my long dreams to contribute to my community, nation and Africa. I have a passion to become a biomedical scientist who can serve a public servant in all healthcare pursuits and a star who can stands out and shines the way for others to see. I chose biomedical scientist because I want to mitigate our country’s deplorable healthcare system. I want to establish a laboratory institution, a centre for disease control and prevention, end child mortality, maternal death and contagious disease in Africa. Santigie has a good eye for his country, in the healthcare, leadership and charity. Would you contribute to his dreams for Africa?

Aminata’s Eyes. My name is Aminata Kalie Bangura I am 18 years old. My parents are Mr Kalie and Hawanatu Jalloh. They both separated when I was 6. My mother is a party trader and my father is a driver. Since I was born, I never enjoy mother’s love because I was raised by my father. Moreover, everybody may face some challenges in life, I however, faced challenges in my education, family pleasure and more. The separation of my parents has significantly led to my poor thriving in my junior high school due to improper care of my father as he has to work in a long distance. Again, in all that I have done I am in an exams class hoping to take my WASSCE. My plans after senior high school I would like to further my education in the university in other to achieve my dreams of becoming a medical doctor. However, I have pledge allegiance to construct hospitals and help the poor.

Mariatu’s Eyes.My name is Mariatu .A. Massafoi I am18. I came from a very poor family. My father’s name is Abdul Massafoi. My mother passed away when I was the at the age of 9. When she was alive, she used to be the bread winner of the family. But when she passed away, only Allah knows how we survived. I have 6 brothers and 5 sisters. My father is a long-time farmer and my mother was also a petty trader. I am attending the EducAid secondary school Rolal Port Loko. I am presently in my final Senior high school. It has not been easy for me reaching this stage but by the help of EducAid and my eldest sister who had been supporting me physically and financially. I am proud to say that I have achieved some thigh even though I am yet to have my requirement which will get me to my long dream goal. I still have the believe that one day I will be a successor in this nation. After my senior high school, I would like to become a medical doctor in which I will help to cure the sick. And also, I would like to embarked on girl’s empowerment to train young girls on how to take leadership roles in society.

ABDUL’s EYES. My name is Abdul Karim Koroma, I have 17 brothers and 7 sisters. My father’

s name is Ibrahim Alpha Koroma and he has 4 wives and my mother’s names is Kadiatu Koroma. I was born on the 14th January 1999. My parents are still alive and they live together in Makomp-bana. I have abandoned my parents due to the acquisition of education. To start with, from the time I was with my parents I was not liberty to attend up to my 13th years due to financial challenges. In this time, I faced a lot of challenges and frustrations in school. Firstly, every morning when I woke up, I usually read Quran before heading to school. Most time I go with empty stomach. So, I take courage and patient, I continued to pursue and work hard to promote to another level. To continued, one Sunday, 11th march, when were out for lunch the teacher asked us to play football between each class on that time, I was in class 5 and the we played the class on Sunday. I was with the football in which one boy from my back accidentally hits my right foot and break it. After this aftermath I stop going to school for a while due to this tragedy. After feeling better, I decided to go back to school. However, I would like to be a professor in Islamic SHARIA propagating the word of Allah in the world as many preachers has done to upholds the liberty of Islam, I would like to pursue comparative religion upon completing my senior high school. I was inspired to pursue this because I of the effort made by many Islamic cleric and jurisprudents in the effort of Islamic propagation and expansion. Abdul has good eye for Islam would you like to support Abdul to reach his long dream goals of becoming what he like to enhance? Being a world preacher, I would like to support humanity to foster peaceful unity, the fear of Allah and construct a very strong foundation for Quran and Sunnah.

My name is Ibrahim Watfa. I was born on the 29th of July 2001. My father’s name is Alusine Watfa and my mother’s name is Jane Sesay. My family is extended by nature because of the surname but is separately divided into sub-categories which made me fall into a nuclear family of two elder sisters and one younger brother. My father by occupation is a mechanic and engaged in making radios, watch and clocks only, he is not that oriented educationally and his abilities is limited and he had to struggle to even get us on track. He is also affected by intoxicants which made it difficult for him to carry out his duties towards our mother and all of us as he spend all his money in taking intoxicants. Recently he was so sick and currently his life is miserable as he cannot even work properly. On my mother she was not engage on anything before but she was recently employed in a Kindergarten school to take care of the pupils in the school. I am not even living with them, I choose to live with my uncle that is my father’s elder brother who admitted me into a school called Roman Catholic Primary School, Port Loko. Where I started my primary level from class one and grab the second position before promoted to the other class, but due to my height and age my family decided to repeat me to the same class and I patient for the other year and I grabbed the first position to the other class that is class two. I should have sat to my National Primary School Examination (N.P.S.E) since 2014 but due to the Ebola epidemic in my country Sierra Leone I sat my primary high school examination in 2015 and I came up with the first position with a score of 297 marks. After my primary school examination, I decided to join a charity school in Port Loko, Rolal, Kambia Road highway called EducAid, where I pursue my Junior secondary school education and sat to the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) through the help of the Almighty I clinched the first position again with an aggregate of 13. And later continue my Senior secondary schooling. Just after my Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) difficulties started coming throughout my senior secondary school level. My family is not that poor much, not that they don’t just focus on helping us pursuing our studies. Since the time I started my senior secondary school education in the same charity school (EducAid) I faced so many challenges in terms of my living and other basic amenities. I received help by my two sisters, although not that much. It was so hard for me, but I tried very hard to conquer. Now I am preparing to take West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). I want to be a computer scientist in the future I want to improve the means of communication on social media and boost the network and the I.C.T service in Sierra Leone. Ibrahim has a good eye for technology and innovation development in Sierra Leone would you like to help him reach his dreams?


CYNTHIA AND SYLVIA’S EYES: We are Cynthia and Sylvia Kamara. We are loving and kind hearted twins born on the 29th October 2004 in Freetown. We came from an extended family of 2 boys and 5 girls. Our parents lived in one apartment in the City. Their occupation had been trading for our mother and Clark for our father. We started our education in 2011 and wrote to our NPSE in 2017. However, we pursue our junior high school in 2011 and the further our junior high school in 2018 and wrote our BECE in 2019. After this majestic move, we were liberty to pursue our senior high school in EDUCAID Sierra Leone where we are currently doing science. We are doing well in our education and we have demonstrated an outstanding academic, leadership framework in school. Moreover, after completing our senior high school in 2022, we have a strong proposition to further our higher education in the medical sector. We chose medicine because, we want to contribute to nation building. Our country is exposed to precarious challenges of health which we want to mitigate. We want to establish a center for disease control and prevention and also medical center where we can care for sick. We wish to Tutor, mentor and empower girls to be self-independence and decrease gender base violence. We will stand against teenage pregnancy and decrease child mortality and maternal death. They have a good eye for their dreams can you support this Guys to actualized their dreams Share

My name is Alimamy Foday Kamara. I was born at Kasseh Village, Port Loko District. I came from an extended family of five. My Father had been a school teacher but passed away during my child hood. My Mother is a subsistence farmer with no education background. My Education has been challenging due to financial challenges. By the way, I was able to forced myself to start my Education at the Movement Of Faith Primary school (M.O.F) in a small village which I was able to go through the first Public examination the National primary school examination (NPSE) in 2013 and I was able to attain my requirement to pursue my Junior High School at Educ-Aid Secondary School Rolal, Port Loko one of the districts in Sierra Leone.

However, due to my extraordinary performances, commitments and hard work, I was Liberty to write my Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) in 2018 and have my requirement as well.

However, to further my aspiration in pursuit of my academic excellent, I still continued my Senior High School at the Saint Andrew’s Secondary school, Makeni. I finally wrote my West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in 2021 waiting for the outcome of the result.

By the power of Allah, I would like to study Law. This is because I want to speak for the Marginalized or less privileged citizen, I want to promote Justice, Transparency and Accountability for the people of Sierra Leone and Africa as a whole

I want to support in the fighting of the long standing corruption in Sierra Leone and Africa. I have a good eye for my country in alleviating corruption and promote Justice.

Alimamy ha a good eye for his country and Africa to promote justice and minimize corruption in the sub-region of Africa would you help progress in his dreams?

I am Mustapha S. Tholley. I was born on the 26th September, 2003. I was born in an extended family of one father, four wives and 20 Children. My family stays in Makeni city except for some of the boys including me that left to further our Education in a Charity school called EducAid. My father is a teacher and my mother is a local trader. I am a Temne by tribe and a Sierra Leonean by Nationality. I love playing football and a feminist. I value Education and I wish to be an economist in the future. My parents also value our education and therefore they go all the possible ways to ensure we are all educated. Despite the poverty, we still live in harmony. We are united in anything we do and I thank and appreciate Allah for everything.

I grew up in Makeni city, I started my primary education in a school called Benevolent primary school Makump Bana where I sat to my National Primary School Examination (NPSE) with flying folours. We later transferred into the Makeni city. I left Makeni to join my elder sibling in another city called Port Loko, in a humanitarian organization school called EducAid. EducAid is a charity organization that gives free, quality and holistic education to the poor and vulnerable. I started my Junior Secondary School at EducAid pate bana marank there I took my Basic Education certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) earlier than expected due to my efforts and performance. I got promoted to Senior Secondary School SSS and after two years, I am planning to write my West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). My main aim is to grab my requirements and get to the university to make my family, community proud as well as the Young Africans Alliance Academy family (YAAA) and the world as a whole

I want to be an economist to help the economic status of my country Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is not economically stable and as a result of this, many people suffer a lot especially the poor. Being one of them, I may like to change this situation and make Sierra Leone a better place to live.

There are problems like financial exclusion, inflation and economic devastation that I want to help minimize in my own little way. Since the economy is not stable, there is low rate of employment. As a result of these many people will choose to do harmful things with no choice in the country. All these are inhuman acts and I want to help find solutions to them to foster peaceful coexistence and increase access to the human capital development.

Mustapha has a good eye for his country, Africa would you like to support him achieve his dreams?

My name is Mohamed Sesay. I was born and raised at Barthai lane Tombo Waterloo Ural urban area of the country. I was born on the 21st August 1999. I came from a very poor background in which it has been challenging for my parents to send me to school. My mother normally sell fish, while my father was trying to do trading of local produce. But the situation was not easy for them.

With all these challenges, my parents decided to create an opportunity to pursue my education. However, I started my primary schooling at the Tombo primary School (T P S). I was finding it very difficult in the primary school level because there were not much supports from parents. But with all that, they were able to support me on their little way they could.

However, I was able to pass through my first National exams which is the (N P S E) in the year 2012 with a good grade and immediately went for my secondary school level where I worked very hard to achieve my goals of being educated and minimize poverty in the family. With commitment and hard work, I sat my Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in July 2016 which helps me as well to get my Senior level education admission (SSS). I have just taken my senior secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) waiting for the outcome of the results which will determine my continuation to my university studies and I want to pursue both Quranic and English studies. This is simple because I want to be an Islamic scholar in the future in order to help disseminate the word of the lord and help in unity building around the globe especially in Africa. Additionally, I would like to do computer science I want to make my country a technologically advance and digital economy to help decrease the poverty line index we are.

Mohamed has a good eye for his vision on Islamic studies and technology development in Sierra Leone and Africa would you help him succeed in his journey?

My name is Osman.S. Kamara. I am a senior high school graduate. I was born on the 6th January 2000. Before this time, I have been excelling during my primary school grade, after six (6) years of my academics, I sat to my National Primary School Examination (N.P.S.E) at the United Methodist Primary School Makump Bana, Makeni Bombali District in 2012-2013 academic year. In the year 2013-2014, I went for an interview at the United Methodist Junior Secondary School Makump Bana Makeni. After two years of studies, I sat my Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) in the year 2016. Due to the love and passion for education, I further went through my senior secondary level of education at the EducAid Senior Secondary Port Loko District which is a charity Organization.

Some years back, I went through different people with different behavior barriers with my mother in different parts of the country when I was a child. Later she decided to return home for settlement where I understand that we are from a poor extended structured family which comprises of the father, mother, brothers, sister’s uncles and aunts also grandparents. Among the family, I have three brothers and four sisters despite the poverty, we live in peace and give each other further supports on our education pursuit

I have chosen Islamic studies specifically the Quran and it speaking language to be my area of study in the university era due to some inspirations I have gotten from many eminent scholars of Islamic religion like Mufti and hafiz. These people are creating a great change around the globe in uniting people and making the universe a better place to live by instilling Islamic ethos, attitudes and behaviours among the populace.

The neglect and poor interest to adapt beneficial knowledge in our country particularly in both rural and urban centers is a major problem to develop the country’s religious practices. As a result, many people die with ignorance and without true knowledge to worship their Lord, therefore if my dreams come to reality, I have the passion to help promotes and inspires people to grab and accept religious knowledge across the globe.

Osman has a good eye for global motivation and religious transformation in the globe, would you like to help him achieve his goals?